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Walt Disney Pictures has released the second trailer for Andrew Stanton‘s adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ epic tale, John Carter, which opens in 3D and IMAX 3D theaters nationwide March 9th, 2012. The film follows a former Confederate captain (Taylor Kitsch) who is mysteriously transported to Mars and must resolve a conflict between warring nations. You [...]

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Steven McQueen On His Captivating New Movie ‘Shame’

If you don't know who filmmaker Steve McQueen is, then you should. He's a writer-director who's second film "Shame" is getting all sorts of buzz due to the sexual content and the fact that it's easily one of the better films out there this fall. Since the anticipated new feature is rolling out into theaters soon, we got the great chance to talk to none other than Steve McQueen about the NC-17 rating, the climate of movies, shooting the sex scenes and his lead actors.

Brandon (Fassbender) is a 30-something man living in New York who is unable to manage his sex life. After his wayward younger sister moves into his apartment, Brandon's world spirals out of control.


Latino Review: I have to salute you for sticking with the NC-17 rating because I think that the full extent of what Brandon's (Michael Fassbender) character is going through wouldn't have been properly shown onscreen if certain scenes were cut down or not shown at all for an R-rating. You'd be taking away a part of that performance by doing so.

Steve McQueen: For me it was never an option. And also, with respect to Fox, the discussion never happened at all. I didn't even know what NC-17 is. I'm from New York and I thought that it was nice, I didn't even know what it is so it doesn't bother me.

Latino Review: Can you talk about what it was like working with Fassbender a second time around?

Steve McQueen: I think one of the main differences between "Hunger" and "Shame" is that Michael in "Hunger" is very verbal, very articulate and pushing language to the limit. He's pushing violence to the limit in order to sort of gain freedom. Then the next step is to try to talk and pushing language to the limit as opposed to Brandon in "Shame" where he isn't saying very much. It's all physical, it's all the things happening in his head that we see. It's almost he's sort of like a silent Valentino movie star with a situational implosion rather than explosion. It's a very restrained performance and then there's an outburst at the end. It's just very different perspectives and you can see it between "Shame" and "Hunger."

Latino Review: One of the many things I like about "Shame" is the restaurant scene that is pretty much a five minute one-shot. Do you and yours actors rehearse a lot for those particular scenes or do you let them run wild with improvising?

Steve McQueen: Well that particular scene there was a lot of rehearsal because we had to get the camera movement and set-up particularly right because of the timing and it's one take. Most of it wasn't like that, but we did a lot of takes with this scene so we could get the proper photography and the delivery right. We were very successful in the end, thank goodness.

Latino Review: Were there a lot of rehearsals, if any at all, for the more sexual scenes?

Steve McQueen: No, not at all. I think the worst thing you can do is rehearse sex scenes. You've just got to go for it, you need the spontaneity. There is the idea of what you want to do but obviously in reality sex is never really rehearsed. In order for it to feel right you need that spontaneity.

Latino Review: Michael Fassbender isn't the only person who stands out in this movie, Carey Mulligan gives an equally great performance as well. In the previous movies we've seen her in she tends to play more of the angelic, pure characters but in "Shame" she plays a character who's a complete mess internally.


Steve McQueen: I think Carey is a person -- I think people thought too though that people thought they had their carve marked. I think Carey has so much depth. Carey's not easy, she's really a person who's sort of deeper and darker than people actually think of and there's a sort of well of -- she's a well, she's so deep and I think she's hardly been tapped. This is the start of something hopefully that is a journey of something she goes deeper into. She's amazing, she's a great, great actress but there's a possibility for her to be greater.

Latino Review: Kind of tracking back to some of the talk about "Shame" because it's rated NC-17, I think I find that kind of hilarious that some people are paying attention to the film only in that regard. Sex is a part of our culture, it's been so for many years, what's the big deal?

Steve McQueen: I would be worried if that was only that that they were talking about [with "Shame] but that's not the case. I think the situation is this: we see pornography much more easily than we ever have. Two clicks on your iPhone, your iPad, your computer and you can get the most graphic sex-filled website you can think of. So the argument that films from the early 70s and comparing it to "Shame" is just habituating. The biggest websites online are pornography websites. "Shame" is not that particularly tame in comparison but what cinema hasn't advanced in now, because of that, is to look at it in a much more serious manner. I think our film has a responsibility in doing that.

Latino Review: What did you think of the audience response when they showed "Shame" at AFI Fest?

Steve McQueen: I wasn't there, I didn't see it. I sat there for the first eight minutes just to make sure that everything is okay but that was it. I saw the movie once before a Q&A in Toronto and it had such an effect on me. It's almost like I was winded, like somebody punched me in the stomach so I thought that it wasn't the best thing to do. So the only time I actually saw it properly was in Toronto. When I saw it was in Toronto and it winded me so much that--

Latino Review: Why did it wind you?

Steve McQueen: It had an effect on me.


Latino Review: Agreed. Towards the end of the third act you go from feeling like you're in the middle of an adrenaline rush to shaking from the crash. There are few movies that can get that kind of reaction out of me so thank you for that.

Steve McQueen: And thank you. I thank the audience for being so open to come to the movie and seeing it. I think a lot of people thought this wasn't the movie to make, you can't make this movie. We've proven that there's a demand to see movies like this. I'm grateful for people to be excited to see this.

Latino Review: I like it when there are filmmakers like yourself that aren't afraid of treating the audience like adults and bringing up this kind of material. It feels like people are afraid to address certain topics on the big screen like with what we see in this. What's there to be afraid of if it's something that happens in real life?

Steve McQueen: I think times are changing right now, I really do think movies are changing right now because we have to. Also, in a way we respond to things like HBO, AMC but not just in a reactionary way but just because technology's changing and through it technology has been changed and language is being changed within cinema and what cinema can do. There's still a big space for cinema and people want things that are going to put them somewhere that they've never been before but certainly the fact that they want to see themselves in that situation as well. So some of them which is not necessarily so, but of course the movie's out there which will put you out there and you'll be superman, you're a superhero or whatever btu I think lots of people want to look at a film in which they could actually reflect on their own reality. They don't necessarily want to be in outer space, they want also to be down in the supermarket.

Latino Review: It's nice to see those films in general. It appears that there's a surge of those kinds of films in general.

Steve McQueen: Let's hope so. So who's your pick for best actor? Michael (Fassbender)?

Latino Review: Michael (Fassbender), I would definitely love to see him get nominated.

Steve McQueen: He's going to win. I think Michael's the best.

"Shame" will be released in limited theaters this Friday.

Source: Latino Review

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Alice Eve to Join STAR TREK 2 Ensemble Cast

We learned that the Savages actor Benicio del Toro has been offered the role of the main villain of the Star Trek sequel. Now, an English actress Alice Eve has nabbed a lead female role in Star Trek 2, which is yet unknown. A deal is expected to be made soon as well as Del [...]

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Television Spot for ‘The Devil Inside’

Universal Pictures released the first television spot for the upcoming horror thriller “The Devil Inside.”

The film stars Fernanda Andrade, Suzan Crowley, Simon Quarterman and Evan Helmuth.

Here is the plot outline:

In 1989, emergency responders received a 9-1-1 call from Maria Rossi (Suzan Crowley) confessing that she had brutally killed three people. 20 years later, her daughter Isabella (Fernanda Andrade) seeks to understand the truth about what happened that night. She travels to the Centrino Hospital for the Criminally Insane in Italy where her mother has been locked away to determine if her mother is mentally ill or demonically possessed. When she recruits two young exorcists (Simon Quarterman and Evan Helmuth) to cure her mom using unconventional methods combining both science and religion, they come face-to-face with pure evil in the form of four powerful demons possessing Maria.

Many have been possessed by one; only one has been possessed by many.

The film is written and directed by William Brent Bell.

“The Devil Inside” will be in theaters on January 6 next year.

Check out the television spot below.

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New Poster for ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’

Warner Brothers Pictures released a new poster for the upcoming sequel “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” on Yahoo! Movies.

The film stars Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Noomi Rapace, Jared Harris, Eddie Marsan, Stephen Fry and Gilles Lellouche.

Here is the synopsis:

Sherlock Holmes has always been the smartest man in the room…until now. There is a new criminal mastermind at large—Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris)—and not only is he Holmes’ intellectual equal, but his capacity for evil, coupled with a complete lack of conscience, may actually give him an advantage over the renowned detective.

When the Crown Prince of Austria is found dead, the evidence, as construed by Inspector Lestrade (Eddie Marsan), points to suicide. But Sherlock Holmes deduces that the prince has been the victim of murder—a murder that is only one piece of a larger and much more portentous puzzle, designed by one Professor Moriarty.

Mixing business with pleasure, Holmes tracks the clues to an underground gentlemen’s club, where he and his brother, Mycroft Holmes (Stephen Fry) are toasting Dr. Watson on his last night of bachelorhood. It is there that Holmes encounters Sim (Noomi Rapace), a Gypsy fortune teller, who sees more than she is telling and whose unwitting involvement in the prince’s murder makes her the killer’s next target. Holmes barely manages to save her life and, in return, she reluctantly agrees to help him.

The investigation becomes ever more dangerous as it leads Holmes, Watson and Sim across the continent, from England to France to Germany and finally to Switzerland. But the cunning Moriarty is always one step ahead as he spins a web of death and destruction—all part of a greater plan that, if he succeeds, will change the course of history.

The sequel is directed by Guy Ritchie.

“Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” will be in theaters on December 16 later this year.

Check out the character posters below:


Source: Yahoo! Movies

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New Trailer for Disney’s ‘John Carter’

On Good Morning America, actor Taylor Kitsch introduced a new trailer of Disney’s “John Carter.”

The cast also includes Lynn Collins, Samantha Morton, Mark Strong, Ciaran Hinds, Dominic West, James Purefoy, Daryl Sabara, Polly Walker, Bryan Cranston, Thomas Hayden Church and Willem Dafoe.

Here is the official synopsis of the film:

From Academy Award(R)-winning filmmaker Andrew Stanton comes “John Carter”–a sweeping action-adventure set on the mysterious and exotic planet of Barsoom (Mars). “John Carter” is based on a classic novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, whose highly imaginative adventures served as inspiration for many filmmakers, both past and present. The film tells the story of war-weary, former military captain John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), who is inexplicably transported to Mars where he becomes reluctantly embroiled in a conflict of epic proportions amongst the inhabitants of the planet, including Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe) and the captivating Princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins). In a world on the brink of collapse, Carter rediscovers his humanity when he realizes that the survival of Barsoom and its people rests in his hands.

The screenplay is written by Andrew Stanton, Mark Andrews and Michael Chabon. The film is based off the classic novel written by Edgar Rice Burroughs earlier in the last century.

“John Carter” will be in theaters in 3D, 2D and IMAX 3D on March 9th next year.

According to Stanton’s Twitter messages, a longer version of the trailer will premiere on Jimmy Kimmel Live! at midnight tonight.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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New Television Spots for ‘The Darkest Hour’

Two new television commercials were released for the upcoming science fiction thriller “The Darkest Hour.”

Here is the official synopsis:

“The Darkest Hour” is the story of five young people who find themselves stranded in Moscow, fighting to survive in the wake of a devastating alien attack.

The film stars Emile Hirsch (“Into the Wild,” “The Girl Next Door”), Olivia Thirlby (“Juno,” “No Strings Attached”), Max Minghella (“The Social Network,” “Agora”) and Rachael Taylor (“Transformers,” “Shutter”). It is directed by Chris Gorak (“Right at Your Door”) and written by Jon Spaights (“Prometheus”).

“The Darkest Hour” will be released on December 25 later this year.

Check out the short television spots of a bunch of people getting disintegrated.

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The Darkest Hour – Fight

Subscribe | Facebook | Twitter Release Date: 23 December 2011 Genre: Action | Horror | Sci-Fi Cast: Emile Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby, Max Minghella Directors: Chris Gorak Writer: Jon Spaihts, Leslie Bohem Studio: Summit Entertainment Plot: In Russia, a group of kids struggle to survive after an alien invasion.
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A Dangerous Method – Columbus & Galileo

Subscribe | Facebook | Twitter Release Date: 10 February 2012 Genre: Drama | Thriller Cast: Viggo Mortensen, Keira Knightley and Michael Fassbender Directors: David Cronenberg Writer: Christopher Hampton, Christopher Hampton Studio: Entertainment One Plot: A look at how the intense relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud gives birth to psychoanalysis.
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A Dangerous Method – I’m Doctor Jung

Subscribe | Facebook | Twitter Release Date: 10 February 2012 Genre: Drama | Thriller Cast: Viggo Mortensen, Keira Knightley and Michael Fassbender Directors: David Cronenberg Writer: Christopher Hampton, Christopher Hampton Studio: Entertainment One Plot: A look at how the intense relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud gives birth to psychoanalysis.
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