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Ranbir Kapoor and his outright offensive gestures

Ranbir Kapoor is totally hot and drool worthy! Agreed! But, is his attitude worth the fan following? Or is this attitude just reserved for the paparazzi? Or it is always accidental and his just loves his middle finger? Well, whatever the case maybe, his gestures are offensive and rude. But lets try to take things in a positive way and come up with funny captions for his pictures!

Sadda Haq

Ranbir-kapoor-shows-middle-finger-to-the-public (2)
Sadda Haq! Aaithey rakh!!! Just like his cousins Bebo says, koi doubt mat rakhna, sikhdi hoon mai bathinda ki, Ranbir Kapoor says, Mujhe mera haq chahiye! Jee haaaaan!

the beanie guy

I’m the super talented software dude who can crack up any code and password so don’t try anything funny. Because I will haunt you!

Biker boy

Hey! I’m the crazy biker dude that you wouldn’t want to mess with! So buzz off and give me my space! I need light up a cigarette! It’s suffocating in here!

music lover

So, you guys heard my latest song? Aye? Yes? Good! No? Bug off! Off you go, shuuu. now go on, listen to my songs!

the stalker

Ranbir-kapoor-shows-middle-finger (2)
You know who I am? I’m that crazy stalker who smokes up everysingleday and am here to make your life hell! So back off!!!!

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Controversies surrounding Besharam. Oh no!!

Seems like Besharam is a rip off of a lot of things. For beginners, the song love ki ghanti is somewhat copied from the not so famous Italian song Bella Ciao.

When this was bought to the notice of Lalit Pandit, he laughed it off and said, “Well yeah, I know this. But I think it is only the starting part which is similar to Bella Ciao. When Abhinav gave me the brief, I told him about the Italian number and it fit the bill perfectly. I don’t think we have done anything wrong. The song was composed some 60 years ago and has been in the public domain ever since. After that there is no need to seek permission.”

Wow! So much for originality. Here’s a sample


bella ciao

Now the other controversy is about the other song aa re aa re where Ranbir Kapoor looks rather fetching. Now, what maybe the problem? His entire look could create a havoc.

Remember the time when Akshay Kumar’s Singh is Kinng was slapped with a legal notice for him sporting a trim beard? Ranbir is doing the same and this may hurt the sentiments of the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC).

This time, producer Himanshu Mehra comes to the resuce and says, “Ranbir is not playing a sardar in the film, but only sporting a pagdi for this song. In fact, the song is one of the highlights of the film and Ranbir has sported the pagdi with a great sense of pride, so we don’t think anyone should have an objection to that. We are sure once they see the whole song, they will all understand what we are talking about. It is in no way aimed to offend anyone or any community. I think it’s an honour to sport the pagdi and we have treated it with due respect too and we hope people realise that.”

Then there were tiny controversies where he is spoofing Shahrukh Khan’s trademark style and Daddy dearest is named as Chulbul Chautala in the movie. Woah! Taking a dig at the two ruling Khan’s of Bollywood.

Then, he’s singing Tujhe Dheka Toh Jaana Sanam while he’s peeing, thereby hurting the sentiments of die-heart Shahrukh Khan! Ouch.

For the number of rip-off this movie has, to the spoofing around and getting inspired by other stuff, we do hope it’ll be a good movie to watch. Let the countdown begin!

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Ranbir Kapoor, the comedian

Its no secret hat Ranbir is a versatile actor but here’s a look at Ranbir’s humorous side. It’s just been 6 years in the industry and Ranbir Kapoor has already proved that he is worthy of carrying the Kapoor legacy forward. Be it looks, women or acting, genetic or not, he is definitely one of the most popular actor. When one analyses Ranbir’s choice of film, one cannot overlook the fact that comedy has been an integral part of his movies. Be in any genre he brings in humor and boy he does a good job at it. You ought the funniest scenes enacted by Ranbir.


5. BACHNA AE HASENO: underwear scene

This scene where Ranbir is seen with his ex-girlfriend shows him in his Casanova avatar. Waiting half naked on the road pretending like nothing happened when Deepika Padukone comes by and laughs her lungs off when she learns that he was thrown out of one of his girlfriends’ house. This scene sees the Kapoor lad showing hints of his humorous trait.


4. AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI: Ranbir hides Katrina in his house

This rom-com is where Ranbir’s funny bone is tickled the most. The entire movie has Ranbir doing a remarkable job as a comedian. In this particular scene Ranbir makes the audience laugh their wits out by sneaking in his love interest in the movie who also happens to be his current lady love in real life. Katrina too significantly contributes in making this one of Ranbir’s funniest scene.


3. ROCKSTAR: proposal scene

Though this movie is categorized as a tragedy, it was initial humor that later draws tragedy. Ranbir proposes to Nargis Fhakri in a typical small town boy style because he learnt from his friend that to become a good singer he has to have tragedy in his life which he aims to be. He proposes her with the aim of getting rejected and going into depression but what he manages to do with the audiences is exceptional.


2. YEH JAWaANI HAI DEeWANI: trekking scene

The most successful film of his career, Ranbir is seen in a typical flirtatious charming sense where he gets his way past most of the girls. Yet another prey of his charm in this film, Everlyn Sharma believes everything that Ranbir says. He is seen making the most out of this opportunity by flirting to his heart content and poking fun of her at the same time. This shows the Kapoor boy proving that he can fit into any kind of comedy.


1. BARFI!: bank robbery scene

Undoubtedly his best performances far, Ranbir plays a deaf and dumb man in this film who is witty, smart and funny. This scene though inspired from Charlie Chaplains series doesn’t fail to throw light at Ranbir’s sheer brilliance as an actor in comic role. He acts this scene with utmost perfection and ease. This is definitely Ranbir’s funniest scene.

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The Nut Job – Official Teaser

Surly, a curmudgeon, independent squirrel is banished from his park and forced to survive in the city. Lucky for him, he stumbles on the one thing that may be able to save his life, and the rest of park community, as they gear up for winter - Maury's Nut Store. Get more new movie trailers - Subscribe to VISO Trailers! Share what you think! Join us on Facebook - Do you like this trailer? Tweet us! Release Date: 17 January 2014 Genre: Animation | Comedy Cast: Will Arnett, Katherine Heigl, Brendan Fraser Directors: Peter Lepeniotis Writer: Lorne Cameron Studio: Open Road Films
Views: 22832
421 ratings
Time: 01:53 More in Entertainment

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Frozen – Official Trailer 2

Fearless optimist Anna teams up with Kristoff in an epic journey, encountering Everest-like conditions, and a hilarious snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna's sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter. Get more new movie trailers - Subscribe to VISO Trailers! Share what you think! Join us on Facebook - Do you like this trailer? Tweet us! Release Date: Genre: Animation | Adventure | Family Cast: Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, Idina Menzel Directors: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee Writer: Hans Christian Andersen, Jennifer Lee Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
Views: 21229
553 ratings
Time: 02:42 More in Entertainment

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Service Update: Introducing VIP Rewards


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“Stay Classy, San Diego” – Anchorman



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Dialogue promos of Ranbir’s upcoming movie Besharam

Finally! Just one day to go and we all can go to the theaters and drool over Ranbir Kapoor! Besharam releases this Wednesday on the occasion of Gandhi jayanti and guess who has a holiday? All of us! So we can now waste a perfect holiday by standing in the super long queue trying to buy tickets for a movie which may or may not be awesome. But who cares? We get to see Ranbir Kapoor! Here are some dialogue promos from Besharam so that we can predict what the movie is going to be like. By the looks of it, it’s going to be a one-time-watch-typical-rom-com + a very hot Ranbir!


BESHARAM Dialogue Promo #1

You know that moment when you see a girl/boy, crush obsessively over him/her, fall head over heels and look at nothing else, listen to nobody and then do the unimaginable? Like start planning your life with them like the colour of your kitchen walls, number of kids, which school they’ll go to and all? Well, Ranbir certainly has found his ‘one’ in the movie as has planned everything! How stalker-ly adorable is this scene?


BESHARAM Dialogue Promo #2

Oh, that’s not it. You will also have to call dibs on him/her so that your friends claim them and win them over before you can man up and that’s exactly what Ranbir Kapoor seems to be doing in this scene. Bhabi hai teri. Yeah! Lower your eyes now dear friend, she’s off limits to you.


BESHARAM Dialogue Promo #3

You would have to prove your worth, wouldn’t you? SO Ranbir here saves the day. And he actually says, Aaaaaakramannnn!! Like that’s going to help! But you never know, its a rom-com and a Bollywood rom-com that too!

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A Birthday tribute to ‘tanha dil’ – Shaan

During his childhood days itself Shaan began his career singing jingles for advertisements. After giving up everything for a brief amount of time, he returned. Along with singing jingles, he began singing remixes and cover versions. In the 1989 movie Parinda, he was only 17 years young when Shaan sang a line in the song, “Kitni Hai Pyari Pyari Dosti Hamari”.

Shaan along with his sister, began his career when they both signed up with Magnasound recording company and a few hit albums, including the super hit album Nujawan followed by Q- Funk, which sold a million copies. He entered the pop scene with sister Sagarika, singing Biddu’s melodies and doing re-mixes. Then came Roop Tera Mastana, a remix album of R.D Burman’s songs, that brought them further into the limelight

Tanha Dil

This album was released as early as 2000 but the songs are still on the lips of people. This is one such type of album which had sold at least a million copies! The songs from the album are still being showed on various music channels! (we don’t find any other album,this old,being played even now). This shows how great is he album is and also the fame which SHAAN had achieved at such young age. TANHA DIL shows a shift in the music style of Shaan. The music is very smooth and the lyric is easy to hum even when deep asleep. One can relate himself with this song. The music video is again one of those types which you would like to see again and again. All the songs are just too good namely bhool ja, gum sum ho kyun, etc.


“Aksar” was released by Shaan after the roaring success of “Tanha Dil”. I would not rate this album as high as I would have rated “Tanha Dil”, but still many songs in this album are catchy and hummable, and most are quite romantic! He was awesome from the word go! All the tracks have a nice meaning behind it and unlike the jibber-jabber music of present generation, it;s quite soothing to listen to.


Very few people know that in 2006, Shaan released a song with MLTR, “Take me to your heart”. The song appears on his album Tishnagi which is produced by Ranjit Barot and engineered by Ashish Manchanda. The song “Shuruat” on his album Tishnagi was made into a music video to promote the film, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Tishnagi was coming of age for Shaan! We just loved all the tracks of this album! And we suggest you to listen to this entire album! It sure will keep boredom far-far away!

Shaan ‘The Dancer’

Now little did we know that this versatile singer can dance too! Yes, you heard it right. We were stunned to see him groove to the music in dance show ‘Jhalak Dikhla Ja’. He didn’t just participate, but also managed to reach the top 4 of the season! If you don’t believe us, watch it yourself.

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This Week at – WC 30/09/2013

We’ve got a fantastic line up of new movies for you to rent as always this week at BLOCKBUSTER, not least new EXCLUSIVE Will Smith movie ‘After Earth’.
Check out our video roundup of the week:

Anything with Blue Early Access means that it is available in-store ahead of subscription services like LOVEFiLM (and sadly Blockbuster By Post), while anything with Red Early Access indicates that it’s a title that is available both in-store and at Blockbuster By Post ahead of other subscription services like LOVEFiLM.

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Ranbir Kapoor is not playing Lord Shiva

A few days ago we reported that Ranbir Kapoor has been roped in by Karan Johar to play the lead role of the Hindu god Shiva in the film adaptation of the popular novel The Immortals of Meluha. But now, Ranbir has squashed that saying he is not playing that role. It was rumored that the film maker Karan Johar and director Ayan Mukerji had chosen Ranbir Kapoor to play the role.

“Yes, I read it in the newspapers that it is ‘The Immortals of Meluha‘, but that is not true. It is completely untrue,” Ranbir said in an interview. “I also read in the newspapers that we are doing that (film on ‘The Immortals of Meluha’) but we are not doing that,” he added.

Reportedly, Karan Johar had bought the rights of The Immortals of Meluha from the writer Amish Tripathi. The movie which will go on floors next year is supposed to be directed by Ayan Mukerji.

About that, the 31 year old Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani star said, “Ayan is still writing his film. The idea is to make a superhero film but I guess the script is not ready and I am not in a position to say anything.”

Meanwhile, Ranbir Kapoor is gearing up for his film Besharam which is going to be released on 2nd October.

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